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24/7 Support: 123-456-7890


Automotive Battery

Introducing Leben Battery™ Automotive Batteries which provides torque power to achieve instant cranking. Designed to make cars with higher efficiency. Automotive battery is a power house of a battery on Indian terrains.Leben Battery ™ Turbo Max 50/ 60AH is a special purpose car battery to provide power for your car which will never stop you. This ideal power source has empowered car owners with a sense of reliability. Its long life, power and safety is remarkable.Go ahead, drive your heart out, your car isn't going to skip a beat!.

  • Features
  • Stronger, more durable and long lasting life.
  • Heat sealed low maintenance battery.
  • Factory charged batteries.
  • High-energy density with maximum power.
  • Instant and high charge acceptance.
  • Vibration resistant resulting in longer life.